Pavia city test

App and sensors for residents to measure pollution and improve the quality of life: the Pulse project.

They have called it “the audit of smog”, and it is an international project that can count on sophisticated technologies developed by the Engineering Department of the University of Pavia. It is called PULSE (Participatory urban living for sustainable environments) and will lead Pavia, Singapore, New York, Barcelona, Paris and Birmingham, to be a test city for analysis of air pollution.

This will be discussed today in the first day (out of a total of three) of a seminar at Broletto.
«Funded by the” Horizon 2020 “program of the European Union, the project will develop a new integrated system for monitoring citizens’ health in urban contexts – explains the Councilor for Ecology Iliaria Cristiani -, which allows institutions how Ats and Municipalities to better plan their actions to improve the quality of life and of the public health “.

The novelty is that the project will directly involve citizens in a European country (France, Spain, England and Italy) and involves Singapore and the city of New York. Pavia participates with the Departments of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Engineering industrial and information technology and with the CHT.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No GA727816.

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