The mission of the PULSE is to generating usable knowledge relevant to issues faced by various stakeholders who design, decide, implement or benefit from public health interventions and policies and facilitate the use of such knowledge.

Our goal is for stakeholders to use the data from the PULSE study (WebGIS, Pulsair mobile app, activity trackers, and air quality sensors) for the development, monitoring, and evaluation of policies and public health interventions. According to WHO “the link between research and policy is not obvious and the ‘transfer’ of evidence in public policy requires a good understanding of the political process, taking into account the context in which action takes place”. 

Researchers may be interested in dashboard-type tools that can be used to explore epidemiologic data and find correlations with health risks and pollution data as well as in the simulation tools developed by PULSE. 

If you want to access the scientific material produced in the context of PULSE access the resource section. 

If you wish to receive further information about PULSE system, tools and datasets contact us.