Public health oRGANIZATIONS

PULSE developed a Public Health Observatory, i.e. a platform to gather the data coming from the citizen app Pulsair, from the activity trackers (e.g. FitBit), as well as environmental data coming from air quality sensors and publicly available data (e.g. air quality data, epidemiological data regarding asthma and type 2 diabetes risk).

We created a visual dashboard for the Public Health Organizations (PHOs) to show all the gathered data, the health risk models and the simulation tools to perform comparative assessment across the neighbourhoods and obtain useful knowledge about the health status of the citizens. 

The information is presented by exploratory analytical tools and complemented by a WebGIS (Geographic Information System) based tool that enables spatial analytics. These tools are thought to support PHOs in the design of health promotion interventions. 

Furthermore, the PHOs can exploit the interactive functionalities of the Pulsair app for the implementation of the interventions by using it to send tailored messages to citizens (e.g. messages intended to foster behavioural changes such as healthier lifestyles or increased use of soft and public mobility options, information about air pollution, etc.).

Each of the seven cities involved in the project as test beds can access the Public Health Observatory here.

If you want to learn more about the PULSE cities check the information available in our Community of Practices.

If you work in a Public Health Organization and want to discover how to start using PULSE system in your city contact us.