PULSE project participates in the Digital Health and Wellness Summit 2019

ECHAlliance announces that PULSE project is going to be featured into the Digital Health and Wellness Summit 2019 (DHWS19) in Barcelona on 26-27 February. The event is part of the Four Years From Now (4YFN) conference, showcasing start-up technology that will be making the biggest difference in four year’s time in the context of the Mobile World Congress.

DHWS19 brings together the best health innovators in digital technologies and data from around the world to improve healthcare delivery, giving opportunities for the innovators to meet end-users, health and social care providers and investors.

Attendees at the event will hear the latest discussion on digital health market trends from internationally recognized experts as well as see demonstrations of the most recent innovations from start-ups, large companies and researchers and understand better the key needs and challenges from service providers. Investors will also participate and give their vision of the market and be looking to identify innovative start-ups with high potential.

In this context, PULSE will bring into the event the perspective of renown cities and digital health innovators who are joining forces towards a better use of mixed data sources for urban population health management. They will showcase the solutions they are developing to break down the data silos and exploit health, environmental, behavioural and open data to make risk assessment and public health policy design more precise and effective.

Commenting, Brian O’Connor, Chair of ECHAlliance said:

“Creating a Digital Health Society means we all need to work together to define new ways to ensure good health of populations and cities have an increasingly crucial role towards such goal. Working in projects like PULSE we are now starting to really transform public health and build smart and healthy cities across the globe”

To find out more information and details of how to register please visit the for the event page here 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No GA727816.

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