Empowering Citizens through Perceptual Sensing of Urban Environmental and Health Data Following a Participative Citizen Science Approach. New Publication from LifeSTech

A new scientific article from Life Supporting Technologies (LifeSTech), the innovation research group from the Technical University of Madrid, has been published in the scientific journal Sensors, Volume 19, Issue 13 (July-1 2019).

The paper, which presents the design and development of PulsAir App and data ecosystem model, explains how these developments are imperative and scientifically designed to gather and process perceptual sensing of urban, environmental, and health data.

In particular, it shows how this data acquisition approach allows citizens to gather and generate environment- and health-related data through mobile devices. The sum of all citizens’ data will continuously enrich and increase the volumes of data coming from the city sensors and sources across geographical locations. These scientifically generated data, coupled with data from the city sensors and sources, will enable specialized predictive analytic solutions to empower citizens with urban, environmental, and health recommendations, while enabling new data-driven policies.

Although it is difficult for citizens to relate their personal behaviour to large-scale problems such as climate change, pollution, or public health, the paper demonstrates how the PULSE developed ecosystem provides the necessary tools to enable a greener and healthier lifestyle, improve quality of life, and contribute towards a more sustainable local environment by engaging citizens in its participatory approach through citizen science challenges.


About LifeTech

 Life Supporting Technologies (LifeSTech) is a research, development and innovation group, belonging to the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and dedicated to the design, development and evaluation of services and applications based on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), in order to create and promote new ideas, methods and technological solutions in every aspect of the value chain of organization.

The UPM, is one of the largest universities in Europe. UPM conducts leading technological research in multiple fields. We are one of the largest e-Health research centers in Spain and maintain partnerships within the public and private sectors in the areas of research and development.

Over the last fifteen years, they have participated in more than thirty European projects funded by several EU Research Programs (AIM, RACE, TIDE, BRITE, Telematics Applications, eTEN, Leonardo, Quality of Life and IST), as well as in many projects funded by the Spanish Research Council and the R&D Program of the Madrid Community.

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