Launch of the Digital Health Society (DHS) Website!

The Digital Health Society (DHS) movement was born during the Estonian EU Presidency in 2017, which focused on the development of a digital society in Europe, enabled by the free flow of data, as the fifth freedom right in the European Union. Launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia and the ECHAlliance as a call for action, the 1st objective of the DHS has been to bring together all stakeholders of the digital health ecosystem around the table to drive the agenda of the EU Presidency.

A great deal has already happened with more and more stakeholders joining the movement.

In addition, The Digital Heath Society has been incorporated as a legal entity in the Republic of Ireland and the initial directors have been appointed (more here).

The first formal board meeting took place in Sitges, Spain in May following a DHS presentation and the participants present were invited to be Observers of the Board Activities (more here).

The “Open“ Board demonstrated that the DHS is a movement not a closed shop.

The Moonshot: 100 million Digitally Connected Healthy EU Citizens by 2027

In order to focus on a same vision for Digital health in the future, the DHS multi stakeholder community has designed a Moonshot Mission aiming to support EU’s, Member states’ and regions’ policies and strategies around the Digital Single Market and Digital Health and care.

It is an ambitious  programme for health and wellbeing in Europe, enabled by key support activities, and involving the EU citizens and the whole society. See the full description and its abstract.

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